Roaring Fork Schools Transitional Services


Mission Statement: RFTW is a unique, inclusive program for 18-21 year olds, designed to foster and develop living skills in a safe environment, partnering individualized instruction in a small group setting. Young adults are empowered to be independent while focusing on future goals.


Purpose: RFTW provides young adults living within the Roaring Fork School District (Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs Communities) with a diagnosed disability and with significant cognitive impairments and/or deficits in adaptive behavior the opportunity to develop skills and experiences necessary to successfully move from a school-based environment to a supported adult program and/or within the community setting where she/he will demonstrate mastery of daily living activity and skills at their individual potential. The primary focus is to develop and implement a community-based transition plan that maximizes the young adult’s self-reliance, independence and problem-solving skills. This program focuses on utilizing community-based settings and adult-related services in order to provide instruction and practice associated with adult life. 

RFTW serves young adults ages 18-21 who are exiting high school and want and need additional support as they transition into their adult lives. RFTW also offers information that prepares young adults and parents for the adult services locally available, including:
  • Intensive training for young adults in Transitional Domains: Daily Living, Recreation/Leisure, Community, Social/Interpersonal and Vocational (if applicable)
  • Assistance to families for a comprehensive understanding of adult services available in this region (Local Adult Agency Providers/Community Agency Linkage such as: Mountain Valley Developmental Services [MVDS]; Division of Vocational Rehabilitation [DVR]; Center for Independence)
  • Community-based component and instruction to maximize and promote rigorous lifetime learning, employment skills, friendships, and community skills as well as the young adult’s independence
  • Collaboration with our young adults, their families, community agencies, and local businesses to ensure young adult success
  • Young adults are supported in their least restrictive environments and learning age-appropriate content with their peers
  • Provide student-centered planning based on strengths, preferences, and interests to ensure that every young adult is a part of our community, and has the skills necessary to live a quality life as independently as possible
  • Commitment to serve young adults on an individual basis


Current Services and Programs

· Assortment of Vocational Opportunities

  1. Employability skills that match their post school goals

  2. Filling out applications

  3. Interview skills

  4. Employment rights

· Variety of Recreation/Leisure Experiences

  1. Self-determination, advocacy, and age-appropriate social skills

  2. Community involvement

  3. Parties, Dances

  4. Picnics

  5. Museums

· Simulated Day-to-Day Life Experiences

  1. Hygiene, health, and medical needs

  2. Household management such as laundry, cooking, and shopping

  3. Disability Awareness

Community Experiences:

  1. Mobility and/or transportation skills in the community

  2. Personal finance/budgeting/money skills

  3. Safety Awareness

  4. Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA)/Ride Glenwood Springs

· RFSD Kitchen Laundry Service



Q. Who is eligible for RFTW?

  1. Special Education young adults living in the Roaring Fork School District who have attended 4 years of high school (preferably), are on an IEP (Individual Education Plan), are 18-21 of age, and will need ongoing/continual support as an adult.

Q. What is RFTW’s schedule?

  1. RFTW follows the school district calendar and is in session Monday-Friday, 8am until 3:15pm.

Q. How are decisions made about RFTW participation?  

  1. Participation is determined by the IEP process with case management overseen by the RFTW program director and staff.

Q. How much instruction will be provided in each transitional domain area?

  1. The amount of instructional time in each transitional domain area is individualized to the needs of each young adult based on the young adult’s IEP, as well as from family and IEP team input.

Q. How much does RFTW cost?

  1. The Roaring Fork School District funds RFTW.  However, some out-of-pocket expenses may apply.

Additional Info about RFTW:

*nine years in existence including 2016- 17 school year

*since its inception, the program has had 17 graduates – one this school year. Of those 17, ten are employed, eight are receiving support from Mountain Valley Developmental Services, the adult agency service provider in the valley, and all are receiving ongoing support from their families and friends.

*we focus on using real-life community-based settings right here in the Roaring Fork Valley and existing adult-related services to provide practical instruction and practice associated with adult life. We want to bring the real world to our students and the opportunity for them to enjoy it with independence.

*RFTW customizes its programming to each individual’s needs.

*Our current location is TEC (Transition Education Center) House [House on the campus of Basalt High School] 600 Southside Drive Basalt CO 81621, however, starting in the 2017-18 school year our new location will be TEC [on the campus of Bridges High School] 400 Sopris Avenue Carbondale CO 81623



For more information, contact Julia Lang at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or C# 970-379-6759, TEC House # 970-384-5942, Office # 970-384-6035.

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