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Roaring Fork Schools use Infinite Campus as a parent and student information portal. Infinite Campus is a web-based database system designed to provide parents and secondary students access to student data as well as improve communication between the district, schools and parents. It contains electronic records of student enrollment, family contact information as well as attendance, schedules and grades.

In addition to providing easy access to student information, all communications from schools and the district are sent out using the Infinite Campus messaging system (Campus Messenger) including important events, newsletters, news, school closings and school related emergencies. Communication to parents will use contact information from Infinite Campus. It is very important that parents/guardians maintain accurate contact information at all times. Up-to-date information ensures that messages are accurately directed to designated home, cell, work and email addresses.

Student accounts are automatically set up in Infinite Campus and assigned an activation code upon registration/enrollment. If you have lost or never received your activation code, please contact your school administration for your code. If you have already created your user name and login, type in your user name and password on the login screen. Parents can access Infinite Campus two ways, login online and the or use the App (iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle). Please be aware only limited information is available using the App and contact information can only be updated online.

Step-by-step instructions can be found here in English and Spanish.

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